The Road to Tokyo 2020

Shiwa aims to host a pre-Olympic volleyball training camp


  • Avg. Temperature in August: 23.0℃
  • Avg. Rainfall in August: 169.1mm

Access by car

  • From Hanamaki Airport: 25 mins
  • From Morioka Station: 30 mins
  • From Tohoku Expressway Shiwa IC: 10 mins

Town Overview


Shiwa is located in the center of Iwate. It is easily accessed via highway, train station, and airport, which are all within 30 minutes, making it a convenient location.
In recent years, the area in front of Shiwa Chuo Station has undergone construction and remodeling as part of the OGAL project.
OGAL Arena, with the first court exclusively for volleyball in Japan, and OGAL Inn, a hotel, were built as part of this project. They make Shiwa an ideal location for hosting a training camp.

OGAL BASE Overview


OGAL BASE is a multi-function facility with accommodation (OGAL Inn) and a volleyball only gymnasium (OGAL Arena)
The arena floor, lighting and acoustics were carefully designed with the volleyball player in mind.
The flooring uses Taraflex, and all windows were designed to prevent light seepage.
To avoid reverberation, black sound-dampening materials were installed on the ceiling. This also helps to improve the visibility of the balls.
OGAL Inn can further support the athletes by using fresh produce grown in Shiwa, promoting a nutritious diet.


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